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A New Course For Leaders Navigating Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

This is a time of uncertainty, change, and sacrifice the likes of which we haven’t experienced before. If you are a leader at work, in your home, or in your community, people are looking to you for guidance and reassurance. They may be scared, confused, or even angry. As a leader, your impact is amplified, so it is important to hone your skills to have the greatest positive impact possible.

Intro Course Featured

Rising To The Challenge – Leading Through Crisis

Are you striving to adjust to the new world the corona virus threw us into and the numerous challenges it presents?

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Learn from experts who understand how to put theory into practice to get immediate results that last.

We have over 30 years and three generations of exceptional coaching & training in Leadership Development, Emotional Intelligence, Maximizing Influence, & Developing High Performance Teams.

Dr. Heather Johnson, President, Klassen Performance Group

The best leaders continuously search for ways to develop themselves and their teams. Our premium online courses are available 24/7 to provide maximum scheduling flexibility.

Leaders have much to do and don’t have time for beating around the bush or generic material.  Our video courses are organized, clear, practical, and get right to the point.

When you  invest in training, you expect visible results and a significant return on your investment.  Our courses contain actionable steps  from Day 1 so you can see immediate improvement.

What Our Clients Say

For anyone who wants to sharpen their presentation skills or for leaders wanting to develop their teams, I would highly recommend Maximum Influence from Dr. Heather Johnson. I attended about 10 years ago and it's still one of the top two or three trainings I've ever been to!
Darren W
Greater Denver Area
Leadership development workshops by Dr. Heather Johnson are one of the best I've ever attended. If you are serious about developing as a leader, both personally & professionally, the training will definitely allow you to find your voice, elevate your leadership skills & help you to connect effectively with others
Demetree F
Orange County, CA
I have had the opportunity to attend multiple of the KPG training classes under the leadership of Dr. Heather Johnson . As an up and coming leader of a global leading brand, KPGs training portfolio was pivotal in my development from individual contributor to organizational leader.
Seth B
Dallas, TX
Dr. Heather Johnson is excellent at using hands-on teaching methods to improve your ability to not only complete presentations, but also influence others in day to day interactions. We just sent a couple more people to learn and benefit by attending this course.
Kourtney S
Greater Mpls., St. Paul Area