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Master the Fundamentals of Influence

Self Paced Online Learning

Are you ready to develop the skills to communicate clearly and confidently and deliver your message in a way that gets results?

During presentations, high-stakes conversations, or sharing ideas in meetings, do you ever…
  • Ramble as you try to organize your thoughts
  • Get feedback that you’re “too direct”
  • Forget what you were going to say
  • Struggle to get people to pay attention to you instead of their device
  • Notice that your idea fell flat when you shared it but was met with enthusiasm minutes later when someone else shared a similar idea.
  • Feel like your body has taken on a mind of its own, and you can’t control it.

Communicating clearly and confidently is a critical skill for anyone whose success depends on their ability to influence. We created this online course to help you develop the influence skills you need at a pace that works with your schedule.

Here’s what you’ll achieve:

  • Transform from a speaker to an influencer.
  • Master a methodology to quickly organize your thoughts into a clear, concise message.
  • Deliver your message in a way that grabs and holds the listeners’ attention and gets results.
  • Apply your influence skills during presentations, meetings, and one-on-one conversations.
  • Exude a level of confidence and credibility that grabs attention and gets the “yes”.

What You’ll Learn

Self-paced course with 3+ hours of video instruction covering 13 topics
Three Foundations of Influence
Influential Introductions
What’s Stress Got To Do With It?
Managing Silent Messages
Rapidly Organize Your Thoughts
Integrate Stories for Impact
Facilitate Meetings That Get Results
Influencing Virtually

100% Money Back Guarantee

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Our Guarantee to You

We are so confident you’ll see results from this course, we’re giving you an opportunity to try it risk free. In just two weeks, you can test your IQ (influence quotient) and watch all of the videos. If Master the Fundamentals of Influence isn’t everything we’ve promised, email us at info@klassenperformancegroup.com. We will help you make the course work for you or refund 100% of your investment.
If you are ready to transform your communication abilities and become an effective influencer, it’s time to enroll in
Master the Fundamentals of Influence.
$ 495
  • Over 3 hours of content-rich, professional video instruction covering 13 topics.
  • Pre- and post-assessments to measure your progress.
  • A robust workbook full of examples, thought-provoking questions, and specific exercises to practice what you learn.
  • 13 checkpoints to reinforce and track learning.
  • Access to all course material for one year.
Do you want to increase the influence of your whole team? Contact us at info@klassenperformancegroup.com for group pricing.

Influence is what enables you to impact the thoughts, feelings, and actions of others.

It’s what helps you get to ‘Yes’ and drive results.

Meet Your Facilitator

Dr. Heather Johnson is an internationally recognized speaker with extensive experience developing leaders. With a doctorate in Psychology and over 30 years of business experience, she works with leaders to quickly identify individual and team performance obstacles and develops customized solutions that lead to rapid change and lasting results. Heather facilitates public and in-house workshops that deliver personalized, practical, and immediate results.

Heather has worked with hundreds of companies over the last 30 years, helping clients drive increased revenue and leads. This proven system of elevating your influence is a framework we’ve use at Klassen Performance Group to grow our own business. If you are ready to see real results by communicating more effectively to drive the results you want, you’re one click away.

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