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We know budgets are tight, and to help as many leaders as possible access the course, we are offering this self-directed, online course for just $147!

Rising To The Challenge: Leading Through Crisis

Are you striving to adjust to the new world the corona virus has thrown us into and the numerous challenges it presents?

Leading Through Crisis - Online Course From Klassen Performance Group

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This is a time of uncertainty, change, and sacrifice the likes of which we haven’t experienced before. If you are a leader at work, in your home, or in your community, people are looking to you for guidance and reassurance. They may be scared, confused, or even angry. As a leader, your impact is amplified so it is important to hone your skills to have the greatest positive impact possible.  

Leaders typically say that the most difficult part of any business challenge isn’t problem solving or strategizing, it’s the people piece. Part of it is communicating changes in a way that people will understand them, act on them, and even embrace them. Our purpose is to give leaders the tools they’ll need to lead their teams through this pandemic. 

This robust online course will give you the confidence and techniques to lead your team, family, or community through this crisis and prepare them to thrive on the other side.


Do You Need To:

  1. Increase your physical and mental energy to make timely decisions, solve problems, and forge a new path forward?
  2. Communicate candidly, clearly, and confidently with limited information?
  3. Dispel rumors, calm fears, and instill trust?
  4. Instill optimism and hope while rallying people to keep moving forward?
  5. Build the resilience your team will need to bounce back and thrive?
  6. Focus your team on new priorities?

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You'll Leave With:

  • Clear, actionable approaches to mitigate the impact of stress and keep your team moving forward.
  • Ten keys to cut through fear and anxiety to influence during a crisis.
  • The #1 change you can make to clarify your communication.
  • Specific strategies to prepare your team to thrive on the other side.
  • The key to responding effectively when emotions run high.
  • 5 tools to help you build a bridge to Hope for your team.
  • Confidence in your ability to rise to the challenge and lead through crisis.

How we get the results we promise:

  1. Unlimited access for each participant to the videos through December 31, 2021 for repeated viewing and ongoing improvement.
  2. We cut through the fluff and focus on the practical application to accelerate your development.
  3. We are experts in human behavior who understand how to effectively put theory into practice.
  4. We provide relevant exercises so you can practice skills taught and quickly develop new habits.

Modules in this course

  • The Crisis & Opportunity at Hand
  • The Stress Factor
  • Put Your Mask On First
  • Elevate Your Influence
  • Prepare Your Team To Bounce Back
  • Time To Rise

We know budgets are tight, and to help as many leaders as possible access the course, we are offering this self-directed, online course for just $147!